About Me

I am a 32-year-old mother of two teens and a servant to two dogs. I’m a country woman, a fan of nature, everything gardening and I love to walk all day. Somebody who likes to eat, likes to cook, likes to dance and likes to write.

I have been part of the fitness business for about 8 years now and function as a Health Coach, Fitness Trainer, and Gym Instructor.

I plan to put the pleasure back into becoming healthy and slim and I’ve got a purpose to show you will take pleasure in the journey to the road into a healthier, happier and fitter you.

I adore the part of teacher and motivator and also the most rewarding part of my profession is having the ability to assist people in having the assurance, belief, resources and help to change their body moving from weak to healthy to slim.

It had been my private transformation which began my schooling into nutrition and training. In my teens, I had medical problems, that had been replaced by weight problems a couple of years later and lasted for around ten years!

As I longed for a means to kick my eating I began considering food for a fuel that my own body uses rather than a tool to feel good or beat up myself. I began to concentrate on exactly what my body can do during a workout instead of the number of calories or how much weight I had been burning.

It’s been a very long road, a gradual trip but a permanent one. I dropped 32 and have kept it off easily, learned lots of things about me personally and the human body generally and managed to locate a lifestyle that I adore, could comfortably live regular and would not change for anything.

I’m driven to discuss what I have experienced and observed and help other folks reach the cozy point in life.

Present qualifications, rankings, and Continuing education comprises:

  • Accredited Fitness Instructor
  • Accredited Level 2 within Health and Fitness
  • Accredited Level 4 in Health and Fitness as a Private Instructor
  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 Weightlifting Instructor
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Trainee Physiotherapist